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During his life, the man must sometimes suffer the loss of a loved one. When this unfortunate situation happens, many negative feelings overwhelm the weeping people. They may mistakenly feel that they should have done more to help their loved one. In these difficult times, they most need a friend either to listen to them simply when they get away or to send them a message or a letter of condolence. Unfortunately, it is at this moment that you sorely lack ideas to express your empathy. What to do ? Condolences: the help you need The Condolences website is a crucial help for you. This site offers models of condolence letters or messages of condolence that you can follow to write your own. On the site, you will find models that take into account the different losses that someone may suffer: the death of a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt, a husband, a wife and many others. [ Detail ]